Our story

and why Grand terroir - Grand wines
What does Grand terroir mean?

Granodiorite, the stone, the rock is the essence of our terroir. It’s pre-Cambrian age, 700 million years old. Much older than Bordeaux, much older than Burgundy. This solid rock is present in all our vineyards in various depths. It’s usually 2,5 metre but for St. Laurent from Karlov vineyard it’s just 40 centimetres.

This kind of place is very poor and almost hostile for the vines. The roots of the vines must find some cracks in the rock and through them they can reach some fertile spots and water. And all that is present in the grapes. They are small but the taste is more intensive and complex.

and what is grand wine?

Terroir is the most essential component of the grand wine. The taste and the nose of the grand wine should be fruits of the terroir not result of the work of a man. But a work of man in the cellar or in the vineyard can either supress the terroir or keep it alive. That’s the reason for not using any fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and system spraying (we are BIO certified, working on biodynamic principles). We want to keep the terroir alive.

And very similar is our work in the cellar. We don’t want to change the wines: add more fruit, change the acidity, give them more tannins. We want our amazing terroir in every bottle. Means we don’t use artificial yeasts or any other additives (except small doses of sulphites just before bottling for some wines). All our wines are matured in oak and acacia barrels and we are not in hurry, they have all the time they need. That’s how we produce the wines.

Come and see for yourself

To see and to taste is much better than reading about the place and the wines. Take this as an invitation to see the small town of Dolni Kounice, the old castle, ruins of the convent, vineyards and the wines.