Tasting in the winery

We can offer you 3 standard options. But if you are looking for something special please contact Jiří Šebela at jiri.sebela@dva-duby.cz and we can prepare tailor-made tasting for you. According to your ideas and dreams, we co-operate with various interesting partners (restaurants, bakeries, butchers ....).

Basic tasting means ~6 samples of our choice. Length of the tasting is approx. 1 hour. Up to 8-10 persons. Price per person is 350 CZK

Tasting means ~8 samples of your choice, from the actual wine offer. Length of the tasting is approx. 2 hours. Up to 8-10 persons. Price per person is 550 CZK

Tasting and excursion to our vineyards and some nice views on Dolni Kounice, first we will visit some of our vineyards and then you can see the monastery Rosa coeli and some other interesting places. And taste our wines, of course. Length of the tasting/excursion is approx. 3,5 hours. Up to 3 persons (there are limited possibilities with bigger group). Price per person is 650 CZK.

Please contact us for date availability and price on info@dva-duby.cz or phone number +420606114247.

Tasting and excursion is possible in English (and Czech language).