Grand Terroir - Grand wines

We are winery Dva duby (means Two Oaks) producing strictly terroir wines from very unique and stony vineyards in Dolni Kounice.

What’s hidden behind the „terroir“?

Dolni Kounice, small town on Southern Moravia (close to the borders with Austria), since mediaeval times famous place for very unique vineyards producing excellent red wines, especially Blaufrankisch, also called Lemberger or Frankovka. Hillsides of the river are covered with the vineyards but to understand the magic of the place you have to go deeper.

• • •

But terroir, even such a strong one, is nothing without a man, nothing without hard work. And vice versa, strong terroir is also the commitment for us. And therefore our aim is very simple in the end. From the vineyard to the cellar, we just want to deliver the grapes showing the unspoiled terroir. And in the cellar we have to take every possible action to preserve the terroir until the day when the wine will reach the bottle. We don’t want to make wine “better” by using neither artificial yeasts nor other additives, we don’t want to replace terroir with something else. You can read more about the wines and the terroir in Our story but it’s always much better to come and see the place, you are welcome.

Dva duby s.r.o.
U Synagogy 838/8, 66464 Dolní Kounice
We are proud to be located in the Czech Republic, beautiful South Moravia region
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